how we work

Oculus ensures that all its methods of intelligence gathering are legally admissible given the context of the clients’ intentions and do not compromise the outcome or utility to the client of our work.

Oculus uses various combinations of the following intelligence gathering disciplines including:

  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT): Intelligence gathered by means of interpersonal contact by operators working for Oculus or contracted by Oculus.
  • Financial Intelligence (FININT): Intelligence gathered about the financial affairs of entities of interest, to understand their nature, capabilities and sources of funds, and predict their intentions.
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Intelligence gathered from publicly available sources.
  • Web Intelligence (WEBINT): A sub-discipline of OSINT, intelligence gathered from the world wide-web.

The aforementioned intelligence gathering disciplines are deployed alongside experience and expertise in accounting, financial analysis, civil and criminal law to ensure effective and targeted results.

Oculus deploys specialist Intelligence Analysts who hold current security clearance and are at the leading edge of their skill sets. Intelligence Analysts are professionals sourced from backgrounds in the Security and Intelligence Services, Tier One Investment Bank Anti-Money Laundering (AML) teams and Law Enforcement.

Oculus supports its Intelligence Analysts with the deployment of Financial Analysts, Forensic Accounting Experts and Legal Practitioners.

Oculus can offer project specific services and evaluates projects for clients on a case by case basis. Clients are quoted costs based upon the forecasted workload. This may be of use if a client has a specific objective in mind.

In addition to this, Oculus offers retained services. This enables a client to have on demand access to our Intelligence Analysts. This may be of use if a client is undertaking a large enhanced due diligence project on a potential investment, such as a merger or an acquisition. As the upfront work requirements may be unclear it can be more cost effective to retain our services during the period of the transaction. Other clients who are for a period of time carrying out many investment transactions may wish to retain us over an extended period of time.

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